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Installed Network Storage

I just bought a 80GB FreeCom Classic SL Network Drive. I will use this unit for backup purpose outside of the my computers through Ethernet. I may also consider to share music for streaming from a stand-alone media player unit without having to have my computer running.

After installing the driver, the new disk appears as a normal drive under Windows XP. My first mod was to replace the original 80GB Hitatchi Desktar disk by a more confortable 200GB Maxtor DiamondMax. For those interested, you need to break the warranty seal and remove two pads under the unit to be able to replace the disk. After rebooting, my new drive is working perfectly. Nice to known, in case of problem in the future.

Done more search on Google, seems the unit will not be able to stream audio content directly to a standalone player. NDAS requires to have appropriate drivers on the machine to be read from, too bad. So it will just do as backup system then.


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